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SurveySavvy - Been Paid Again! (Latest Check)

Want to get checks like this one?

Haven't updated my blog for some time, but wanted to update you on my latest SurveySavvy check!

If you like getting paid to take surveys and test products, then SurveySavvy is the survey site for you! Surveys are quick and easy to complete, and you get paid when you qualify and complete each one!

SurveySavvy is a very good free-to-join survey site that offers several opportunities each week.

Remember, the quicker you respond to your survey email invitations, the better the chance you have of being included and being paid for your time! Respond quickly, because quotas get filled almost as soon as the email invitations are posted!

Join SurveySavvy FREE right now!

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Focus Groups Pay WELL!

Don't know what a focus group is? You might want to find out because you could be earning about $50.00 to $250.00 per session as a focus group member! Easy money!

A focus group is a small group of people chosen to be interviewed in a comfortable setting where they can discuss their perceptions of a website, idea, service, product, advertisement or concept. In turn, the participants are paid for their time and participation, usually between $50 and $300 (could be more or less), which is paid to them at the end of each study.

Sessions are generally 1 to 2 hours long!
You will know how much you will be paid before you participate (if you are chosen to participate).

Companies that are developing new products need this valuable information to understand how their products are perceived by consumers before the actual products or services are released to the general public.

You might have to go to a physical testing facility, test a product, perform a taste test, evaluate a website, or complete a survey via telephone or the Internet.

I am listing companies below that conduct focus groups. Be sure to request an invitation to join, if there is no direct link to a particular site that you are interested in. I will forward your invitation request to each company.

I have provided payment proof from each company so that you can see that they are legit (as of the time of this post).

Below, I have listed are a few of my favorite focus groups. Each link will open in a new window and take you to a page that gives you a description of each site, along with payment proof.

* Focus Forward

* Schlesinger Associates

* ClickIQ

* Reckner and Asociates

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My Newest Site to Earn From

If you are looking for multiple streams of income (income earned from various sources at the same time), I urge you to check out my new site, RELIABLE SITES THAT ARE PAYING.

I have listed various sites and programs that I use to make money, or to get more traffic and visitors to help me make money. These sites have been proven to be reliable and/or paying as of the time and date of this blog entry. I can not guarantee that they will remain reliable, but I have been a member of some of these sites for over 5 years, which is a good indication of a stable company, in my opinion.

* Survey sites
* Focus groups
* Reward programs
* Marketing tools
* Safelists
* Traffic Exchanges
* List builders

Click this link to visit my new site, Reliable Sites that are Paying Sites!

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Promote Your Blog Here for More Exposure

Buzzer Hut | Promote Your Blog
This site claims to be the biggest blog submission carnival on the internet! Now you can submit your blogs into internet's biggest blog listing for free and promote your blog!

I just listed this blog - let's see what happens. I'll be watching to see if I notice any significant change in the traffic that I receive.

Their ranking is currently 387,580 (out of 20 million), which is pretty good! Maybe this will be a good place to advertise and get noticed!

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Clickbank Programs that Sell Like Crazy!

U P D A T E!

(I will be updating this screenshot regularly to show the progress I am making with this system!)

Have you ever wondered how some people make so much money promoting Clickbank products?

As you can see from my screenshot, it is working already!

You can do it too!

Don't waste time and money advertising products you THINK might sell!

With this step-by-step system, you will KNOW exactly which products are making the most money in a particular niche! You will learn how to laser target only the products that are selling like crazy!

Stop missing those sales!

Get started today - Click THIS LINK!

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My Latest Survey Site Check on July 22, 2009

Here is my latest check from Mysurvey (NFO) received today. I cashed out on July 3, 2009 and received it today (July 22, 2009).

If you would like to start getting checks like this all of the time,
CLICK THIS LINK and sign up for a free account.

Please be patient! The signup page is a bit slow-loading, but well worth the wait!

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Need Referrals for those OLD Programs?

A Simple Way to Get Referrals!

If you need referrals for programs that you ALREADY belong to, this is the program for you!

I'm talking about those programs tha you really liked, but may have joined years ago. You gave up on them because you couldn't make money from them without referrals.

Well, I can tell you that you CAN still earn from them! I'm still getting referrals for programs that I joined 8 years ago!

I now have 288 personal referrals (for my favorite programs), and 1874 referrals (level 2 to 5)!

I earn 10% of all of the credits that all of my referrals earn!

You can do it too!

There are 3 easy (FREE) ways to get referrals for your programs.
1. Refer people to GetRef
2. Click links
3. Join other members' programs

****CLICK THIS LINK to join FREE****

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The 1st Manual Exchange with NO SURF RATIO!

You're about to discover the most revolutionary traffic exchange ever built...

List Surfing is what you get when you combine a traffic exchange with a list builder!

- No surf ratio
- Unlimited Rotation of your site!
- Responsive e-mail advertising!
- Less work.. More Traffic and Results!

20 minutes of work each month in order to get a flood of unlimited traffic to your site.

Less work. More rewarding!

Get unlimited amounts of the best high quality targeted traffic seeing your site today...

CLICK THIS LINK to Find out more...

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* Contest: Win a Free Mailing to Over 30,000!

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My Latest Check from Globaltestmarket (July 2, 2009)

Here is my latest Globaltestmarket check that I received TODAY (July2, 2009)!

If you would like to start getting checks like this, CLICK THIS LINK to fill in your information, and I will send you an invitation!

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Greenfield Online

Greenfield Online is a survey company that pays, and has been operating for years! You can take surveys, test products and participate in focus groups (when available).

This company sends out a LOT of screeners every week! I haven't done more surveys with them because I don't always have the time to do the screeners. If you don't know what a screener is, it is a short survey that asks you a few questions to see if you qualify to take a particular survey. I'm sure I've missed out on a lot of good ones because when I take the time to do some of the screeners, I usually qualify for one that I get compensated for (cash or a sweepstakes entry)

I usually won't spend the time to do a lot of surveys that only offer sweepstakes entries (until I win one, that is). I usually only do the ones that pay cash and only require a few minutes to complete (just my opinion).

Below, is a a screenshot of my Member's page. The check below the screenshot was before the dates listed on my Member's page.

CLICK HERE to enter your information and I will send you a persoanl invitaion!

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HitsBoosterPro WILL Boost Your Site Traffic!

Why Should YOU Join HitsBoosterPro?

* 1,000 free credits when you join
* 7-day free Platinum upgrade when you join

* Rated #3 Top Traffic Exchange by TrafficHoopla
* 6-second timer
* Lots of bonus credits, impressions and text links while surfing
* Upgrades are from $1.95 to $5.95 a month -- very affordable!
* Only need to surf 25 sites to activate account

CLICK THIS LINK To Go To The Site, Then Click the JOIN Button on the Left Side!

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* BizBia

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SurveySavvy - Checks are Small, But they DO Pay!

The surveys that you take from SurveySavvy are usually very quick, but haven't been that frequent for me. But I stick with them because they DO pay! You are paid by check when you request one - i believe that you need at least $5 to cashout, but I may be wrong. I will verify this and update this post. I've only made $29 from them so far. The qualifier surveys (screeners) are very short, so I don't mind doing them to see if I qualify for surveys. It just seems like it is not that easy for me to qualify for a lot of the surveys.

CLICK THIS LINK to join free!

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My Favorite Reward Program

Complete surveys and offers. Earn points for shopping too! Get paid take surveys, search, read email, complete offers and shop! Most of the points I've earned here are from reading emails
and taking surveys. You can redeem your points for gift ccertificates.

Here's just some of the gift cards I have gotten so far:
07/22/00 (2) 30-minute phone cards
08/03/00 (1) $10 Chile's Grill gift card
09/02/00 (1) $25 Home Depot card
07/20/02 (2) $10 MOBIL gas cards
07/26/02 (2) $ 5 Boston Market Gift Certificates
08/16/02 (2) $ 5 MOBIL GO cards
05/08/03 (1) $10 Boston Market certificate
12/08/04 (1) $10 EXXON/MOBIL Driver Cash card
02/18/05 (1) $10 EXXON/MOBIL Driver Cash card
07/23/05 (1) $10 Brinker Restaurant Gift card
10/10/06 (1) $25 Staples Gift card
12/16/06 (1) $10 Brinker Restaurant Gift card
07/10/07 (1) $10 Brinker Restaurant Gift card
07/10/07 (1) $10 Brinker Restaurant Gift card (not a duplicate)
10/09/07 (1) $10 Darden Restaurant Gift card
03/31/08 (1) $25 Staples Gift card
08/01/08 (1) $25 Staples Gift card

If you would like to start getting rewarded for what you already do,
CLICK THIS LINK to fill in your information, and I will send you an invitation to join!

When you redeem your points, you will get letters like the one below with your gift:

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Mysurvey Could be Your Survey Site Too!

Mysurvey a survey site that will pay you for EVERY screener and EVERY survey that you qualify for and complete? Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE to join?

Cashout is at 1,000 points ($10.00).

Most screeners take less than 3 minutes and most surveys are about 10 to 15 minutes long.

I get money from Mysurvey all the time -- see some of my checks below:

CLICK THIS LINK to fill in your informaion, and I will send you an invitation!
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American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) has paid me many times. Each time you complete a survey, you are sent a check - there is no minimum payout here! I was lucky enough to win a $100 sweepstakes! I've made and received $130.00 from ACOP so far!
Click READ MORE to see a few more of my checks!

CLICK HERE to Join American Consumer Opinion -- It's Free To Join!
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