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Do YOU Know About TWITTER?
Twitter is a fairly new social network with a twist! It is based solely around the phrase "What Are You Doing?" Twitter allows you 140 characters to let your friends and followers know little details about you and what you are doing at the moment, helping you to form friendly and personal relationships with people of like interests.

Lots of people are now using those relationships that they are building on Twitter to do business. This works well because people are more comfortable doing business with people that they know a little bit about (personally), and therefore begin to trust them and are willing to review what the other has to offer (willingly and without pressure). I have gotten so many valuable tips from other members over the last few weeks that I am totally HOOKED on Twitter! People are really willing to help each other here!

You can form some really great bonds with people you would otherwise NEVER get the opportunity to meet. Since you can only send updates that are 140 characters or less, people can keep up with what you are doing without being bogged down with a ton of extremely long emails. People are willing to take a few minutes here and there to check in to see what their friends are doing or feeling. You can search for people with like interests and follow them (that means receive updates from them when they update their messages).

Pretty soon, you will be building followers too!
To check out Twitter, you can CLICK HERE

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