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SurveySavvy - Checks are Small, But they DO Pay!

The surveys that you take from SurveySavvy are usually very quick, but haven't been that frequent for me. But I stick with them because they DO pay! You are paid by check when you request one - i believe that you need at least $5 to cashout, but I may be wrong. I will verify this and update this post. I've only made $29 from them so far. The qualifier surveys (screeners) are very short, so I don't mind doing them to see if I qualify for surveys. It just seems like it is not that easy for me to qualify for a lot of the surveys.

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  1. hay nice choice but i just wanna know am in pakistan and Are these companies allow paki's to have membership?
    and what is the payment method?

  2. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog! is only based in the US. Globaltestmarket is world-wide, but I did not see Pakistan in the list. I will check on it and get back to you about Globaltestmarket. American Consumer Opinion does accept International members. SurveySavvy allows members from all points of the world. Have a great day!