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Focus Groups Pay WELL!

Don't know what a focus group is? You might want to find out because you could be earning about $50.00 to $250.00 per session as a focus group member! Easy money!

A focus group is a small group of people chosen to be interviewed in a comfortable setting where they can discuss their perceptions of a website, idea, service, product, advertisement or concept. In turn, the participants are paid for their time and participation, usually between $50 and $300 (could be more or less), which is paid to them at the end of each study.

Sessions are generally 1 to 2 hours long!
You will know how much you will be paid before you participate (if you are chosen to participate).

Companies that are developing new products need this valuable information to understand how their products are perceived by consumers before the actual products or services are released to the general public.

You might have to go to a physical testing facility, test a product, perform a taste test, evaluate a website, or complete a survey via telephone or the Internet.

I am listing companies below that conduct focus groups. Be sure to request an invitation to join, if there is no direct link to a particular site that you are interested in. I will forward your invitation request to each company.

I have provided payment proof from each company so that you can see that they are legit (as of the time of this post).

Below, I have listed are a few of my favorite focus groups. Each link will open in a new window and take you to a page that gives you a description of each site, along with payment proof.

* Focus Forward

* Schlesinger Associates

* ClickIQ

* Reckner and Asociates

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